Torrent Suppressors is proud to announce that Torrent has teamed up with Joe Gaddini of SWR to reintroduce world class suppression into a market that has for to long accepted ‘status quo’ and mediocre suppression of sound. We at Torrent are excited to enter this new collaboration.

Joe Gaddini holds the patent on one of the most significant, historic and effective silencer designs ever patented in the United States. So much so that a lot of current suppressor manufacturers are using a lesser variant of his patented design. At Torrent, we have vast experience in material science and industrial welding technology. With the SWR Omega technology (U.S. Patent No: 6,575,074) our talented engineer has combined the best baffle design of the last two decades with modern design aesthetics and materials to create a technically superior overall product. The new age of silence is here.


All Torrent® products carry a 100% Satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee as well as Manufacturer Defect Lifetime Warranty. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority, striving to create “life-long” returning customers, not just a sale. 


The Torrent SWR30 series suppressors use high quality materials to insure Industry leading sound suppression, light weight, affordability and compatibility, with a lifetime warranty. 


The Torrent SWR30 series has been independently tested by a 3rd party competitor (CGS Group) to provide data from an objective source. 


The Torrent SWR30 series comes in 3 lengths short, mid-length and long to give the end user the optimal sound suppressor for any application. The SWR30 series is also compatible with several mounting systems including our own Hideout Hybrid Muzzle Break, SOLGW NOX, Deadair Keymo, SilencerCo ASR, Q Plan B, etc. 










***The SWR30 series will introduce an innovative Interchangeable Muzzle Nut (6.5, 5.56)(caliber nut).

This will allow you to optimize the suppressor, based on the caliber you are shooting.

It will also allow the end user the ability to repair their own suppressor,

in the event of an end cap strike, by removing the caliber nut with a 3/8 wrench.***



The Torrent Trident T9 is designed to be the optimal dimensions for the ultimate sound reduction on a 9mm platform. Using patented baffle designs, this sound suppressor will give the host weapon impeccable performance. The Torrent Trident T9 comes with a 1/2x28 booster, and is designed to work with current 3 lug mounts available.

















Weight 10oz Caliber 9mm
Length Length 8.2” Diameter 1.375”

Material Grade 5 Titanium, 17-4 Stainless, 7075 T6






The Orthrus 22 is the only .22 caliber offering on our shelves, but that’s because it’s the last .22 suppressor you’ll ever need. Rated up to 17 HMR, the baffle stack on the Orthrus 22 is made from Titanium Grade 5 (Blast baffle)  6061-T Aluminum (tube & baffle core) , with an aluminum tube.


The NEW Orthrus 22 averages 3 dB (111 dB) and 2.3 oz less (4.3 oz) than a DeadAir Mask, and has a lifetime warranty. We are offering the NEW Orthrus 22 to dealers $250 per can for orders of 10 or more






















Weight 4.3 oz | Dimensions 5.25 × 1 in 

111 dB on .22 LR

$399 MAP | $429 MSRP