Texas True Blue Coffee Company is all about the men and women that don a uniform, a gun, and a badge. As they go out the door they leave their family behind to safeguard the community they live in. It is about each of them that are willing to run towards danger and gunfire. They put themselves between us and evil that want to do us harm.

These officers are among us. They are our neighbors, a youth soccer coach, a volunteer at church, a scout masters, a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, they are a loving parent and spouse.

Texas True Blue Coffee was formed to make sure we have their back if it comes time.

A significant amount of profit will be dedicated to families of fallen officers and given out by the Texas True Blue Giving Team made up of fallen officer spouses.  We will also assist with much needed officer training and reach out to fund programs for inner city youths.  While Texas True Blue assists with fallen officer’s families, we will invest in a better community. TEXANS FOR TEXANS!